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*This is the raw powder, to make your own c60 at home with the appropriate equipment.*

Carbon 60, 99.95+ %, Ultra Pure - 1g Vacuum oven dried, Solvent Free Powder

By completing purchase of this item, you confirm your understanding that this is RAW powder and not to be confused with the c60 oils. This RAW powder is NOT for consumption, it must be properly processed.

Please do your own research on producing C60 oil. There are specific steps and lab equipment required. This product is not safe for human consumption when not mixing with oil. Do not consume powder..

May Limit 1 per order due to high demand. If this happens will refund the remainder and contact you.


Theoretical Dose = 1.198 mg, or 1.677 ml of our solution, or approx. 2.66 number of dropper squeezes. (Based on 150 lbs)

Disclaimer: No medical claims, not FDA approved

Many assumptions are used in this algorithm, for example, we are attempting to simulate dosage used on the Baati Study, but since they were testing toxicity, we adjusted the result by a factor of 30%. Allometric Scaling is used and the exponent and coefficient is based on large mammals.

There have been studies suggesting that C60 may also enhance autophagy, and if so, C60 may work better given larger doses once per week rather than smaller everyday

.05% other fullerenes such as c70

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