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Eucalyptus essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, which is a very tall evergreen type tree. The scent is camphorous with a woody sweet undertone. Historically used by many for it's numerous medicinal properties.

A popular use of Eucalyptus oil is in foot scrubs, due to it's antibacterial properties. Refreshing and invigorating aroma and feel.

Following are historical uses of this oil and have not been evaluated by FDA. See 'Terms & Conditions' for full disclosure.

Health Benefits

  • Antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-spamodic
  • Joint and muscle pain reliever
  • Fights cavities and dental infections
  • Repels bugs, including killing of lice
  • Fever reducer

Emotional Benefits

  • Relieves mental exhaustion; clarifies thought
  • Stimulates brain activity, improving memory
  • Uplifting and energizing
  • Increases awareness


  • Organic
  • Flash point: 109 ° F
  • Botanical Name: Eucalyptus globulus
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Method Of Extraction: Steam Distillation
  • Blends well with basil, cedarwood, clary sage, lemon, lime, vetiver, peppermint and citronella.


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