Have you heard the term "Expensive pee"?

It refers to wasting money on vitamins that aren't absorbed by your body... and you end up peeing them out... WITHOUT gaining the benefit you paid for.

You see...

Enzymes in the mouth and stomach, digestive juices, bile salts (to neutralize the digestive acids), and various flora in the intestines can break-down and degrade the supplement rendering it useless.

We don't want to see you flushing your money down the toilet.

Because... there is a better way.

A tiny protection bubble can be placed around the vitamin to prevent breakdown, and make it more absorbable by your body.

They're called "Liposomals," and they're more easily absorbed into your body where they belong.

Liposomal vitamins...

- Bypass the digestive process for increased bioavailability
- Utilize lipids that are easily absorbed into the body’s cells
- Prevent stomach upset that is common with pills, powders, and tablets
- Deliver nutrients directly to cells
- Protect against free radicals
- Provide immune system support