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EDTA is a synthetic amino acid that has proven to be the best broad-based heavy metal chelator with very few adverse effects. The half-life of EDTA in the body, via the topical route of administration, can be up to eight hours, and is excreted through feces and urine within 24 hours; almost none of the Kelacream EDTA is metabolized. Since the vast majority of the EDTA will be broken down and not utilized when taken orally, the  topical administration is more effective. This allows it to bypass the gastro-intestinal tract all together, resulting in a very high utilization rate. Topical administration delivery also results in a majority of the EDTA bypassing the liver and kidneys on the first pass, putting less stress on these organs and allowing the EDTA to remain in the body longer, extending the binding effect with the harmful metals. It is always best to consult a practitioner when taking Kelacream and all nutritional supplements.

It’s best to apply Kelacream to clean skin that is completely dry. It may take several minutes for the EDTA to be completely absorbed. You will know it’s completely absorbed when the color of the cream applied to the skin becomes clear. It can be rubbed in or used on other parts of the body, but make sure those areas are thinned-skinned (such as the insides of the arms, upper chest, inner thighs, back of knees, tops or sides of feet, ankles, neck or face). Kelacream is hypoallergenic and can be used as a moisturizing cream as well.
Once the cream has absorbed into the skin (when it goes from white to clear), it is OK to wash the skin if you want to. Washing the skin will not negatively affect your results.

Please remember, Kelacream is for topical use only.
You may experience a slight tingling or itchy sensation for a few minutes when first applying the Kelacream. This will depend on your type of skin, thickness and sensitivity. It is common to experience a slight rash on the body, whether on the area you applied the cream or a different area all together. Every individual is different and experiences can and may differ. Should you experience any type of rash, it should be short lived (not longer than 24-48 hours) and not painful, this is a normal part of detoxifying and is not cause for concern. It actually means the cream is working! In extremely rare cases, a rash can last longer than 48 hours and/or become painful. If you experience anything like this, discontinue the Kelacream immediately and contact the company where you made your purchase.

If you are experiencing symptoms of acute heavy metal toxicity, you need to seek medical attention. Kelacream is designed for a slow, gentle detoxification process. Moreover, while heavy metals have been linked to cardiovascular health problems, the mechanism in the body of how chelation works to improve cardiovascular function has not been established. All that is known for certain is the presence of heavy metals negatively impact cardiovascular function and removing them should improve your health. Anecdotal evidence has shown that chelation therapy can improve cardiovascular function, however, Kelacream makes no claims for the removal of arterial plaque from the arteries.

Water Consumption:
Ensure you consume plenty of water when using Kelacream. While Kelacream is very gentle and does not put a heavy burden on the kidneys, the process of chelation is more effective when a greater amount of water is consumed than normal. For a person who does not exercise, typical water consumption is about 44 oz of water per 100 lbs. per day. It is recommended to increase your water consumption by 12 oz per 100 lbs. of body weight. Calculate your water consumption here:

One jar of Kelacream is not going to be enough to eliminate YEARS of accumulated heavy metals. At a minimum, we encourage at least three jars to have a meaningful outcome. It may very well take six or more depending on a variety of factors. Your age, where you have lived, what type of work you do and what you do for enjoyment.

For a precise comparison of Kelacream to IV (intravenous) chelation treatments, a typical overall course of IV chelation is generally about 30 treatments, with each treatment providing 2.5 – 3.0 grams (2,500 mg – 3,000 mg) of EDTA, for this example 3,000 mg will be used. One application of Kelacream will provide 350 mg of EDTA so it will take about nine applications to equal one IV treatment. Each jar of Kelacream is designed to last approximately 30 days (8 oz is 240 ml. 240 ml ÷ 7.5 ml (350 mg) = 32 applications). If we go by the typical course of IV therapy (3,000 mg), you will need 9 applications to achieve this dosage (3,150 mg). Using 9 Kelacream applications to simulate 1 IV treatment, multiplied by 30 is 180 applications which will require 6 jars in total to achieve.




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