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1100ppm Concentrate diluted to preference or per instructions. Particle size under 1 microns. Suggested Use, as a dietary supplement, take a few drops (diluted) each day in your water. 

Can also be nebulized to mist.

We believe our Colloidal Silver Super Concentrate is one of the best Colloidal Silver products on the market.

There are several medical and health related uses for silver… learn more at www.RedPillLiving.com/Silver

In the medical industry, it’s used in wound dressings, creams, and as an antibiotic coating on medical devices.

Colloidal silver can be VERY supportive against-

- Ear and eye infections,
- Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, and tissue damage from burns,
- The common cold and flu,
- Viral infection treatment,
- Boost cell recovery, increase healing and decrease swelling,
- Respiratory support against bronchitis and pneumonia

- "Novel" (Allegedly intentional Bioweapon!) Coronavirus

Some Colloidal Silver can be made with GMO ingredients as reducing agents. Because it happens in small amounts, they don’t list it the ingredients.

That’s not the case with Colloidal Silver Super Concentrate at RedPillLiving.com

There is no point producing a natural supplement … then adding a non-natural ingredient with no beneficial effects.

We also use Manuka Honey as our reducing agent which taken by itself can support …

- Allergies and sinusitis.
- Sore throats
- Boost immunity,
- Fight tooth decay and gingivitis,
- Antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA,
- Reduce acne and eczema,
- And more!

Our Colloidal Silver Super Concentrate comes in a 4 fluid ounce bottle concentrated to 1100ppm. This 4 ounce bottle will provide you with up to 12 gallons of low ppm silver that can be used for all the things you would use water for. We love to nebulize the mist to breathe in when we get a cold or flu.

It’s a great value, and a great product. This bottle is basically a LIFETIME SUPPLY!

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